What Is the Best Timing to Take Green Tea?

My husband found using green tea extract along with curcumin very beneficial to his healing regimen. He had been taking both herbal supplements before, during, and after his targeted protein 8-week treatment for stage4 lymphoma cancer. One day, purely by chance, he took the green tea extract about an hour before taking curcumin.  Later that day he noticed an uptick in his strength and stamina.  My husband then realized the timing of when he took the herbal supplements greatly increased the effectiveness of them both. Since that accidental breakthrough, he now takes green tea extract an hour or so before he takes curcumin as a best practice. We don’t know why it works, but it does.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea comes from a plant called camellia sines is and has a polyphenol called EGCG as one of its major components. Whether you drink green tea or supplement with green tea extract, you should experience some of their health benefits such as anti-inflammation anticarcinogenic and increased antioxidants, and protection against oxidative stress.


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