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Whether you have a chronic, life-threatening disease or just want to practice preventive health, you may want to learn of my husband’s success story with some nutraceuticals (herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins) that he used as an adjunct therapy before, during, and after his targeted protein 8-week treatment for stage4 lymphoma cancer. (Read his story here.) When people like Bill Cosby’s 44-year old daughter died of renal failure and Patrick Swayze died of cancer at 57, we know the problem is not lack of resources, but lack of knowledge. (Hos 4:6) We believe Ezekiel 47:12 and Revelation 22 1-2 which state Yahweh made plants for medicine and leaves for the healing of the nations.

We are not medical doctors but are only sharing my husbands success with nutraceuticals for educational purposes.  Please check with your own health provider before adding any of these nutraceuticals to your health regimen.

Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

What nutraceuticals did my husband use successfully during his cancer journey?

Tumeric, Curcumin, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin D3, K2, Pau’d Arco.

What Are Tumeric & Curcumin?

Can Tumeric & Curcumin Reduce Inflammation?

Have scientific studies been done on Tumeric & Curcumin?

What is the Best Timing for taking Green Tea Extract & Curcumin?

What are the health benefits of green tea?

Is Vitamin D a Vitamin?

Is dialysis your only choice for kidney disease?

What are the health benefits of Cordyceps?

How does oxidative stress and inflammation affect your health?

What importance should medical mushrooms have in your health protocol?





What Is the Best Timing to Take Green Tea?

My husband found using green tea extract along with curcumin very beneficial to his healing regimen. He had been taking both herbal supplements before, during, and after his targeted protein 8-week treatment for stage4 lymphoma cancer. One day, purely by chance, he took the green tea extract about an hour before taking curcumin.  Later that day he noticed an uptick in his strength and stamina.  My husband then realized the timing of when he took the herbal supplements greatly increased the effectiveness of them both. Since that accidental breakthrough, he now takes green tea extract an hour or so before he takes curcumin as a best practice. We don’t know why it works, but it does.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea comes from a plant called camellia sines is and has a polyphenol called EGCG as one of its major components. Whether you drink green tea or supplement with green tea extract, you should experience some of their health benefits such as anti-inflammation anticarcinogenic and increased antioxidants, and protection against oxidative stress.


Try some. You will probably like it. For the best prices for green tea in capsules or tincture, click here.





My Lymphoma (Blood Disease) Cancer Journey – By Dr. Lee Warren

In 2016 I faced the challenge of being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, stage 4 (MALT), where 50% of my bone marrow was cancerous.

How This Journey Began

The story began in the spring of 2016 with me having an eye examination to update my eyeglasses.

The optometrist, a Japanese woman, examined my eyes and saw a strange growth in the tissue of my left eyeball. By her body language, I knew it was quite serious. She recommended I see an ophthalmologist. I decided to follow her advice and get it diagnosed after my summer bible metaphysical retreat.

I Received A Warning Dream

Now this story had a strange twist or beginning that prepared me for this challenge. Some years earlier I had a very disturbing dream that warned me of this coming crisis/challenge. The dream begins with an attractive white doctor in an examination room telling me that I had a very rare cancer. She didn’t say where it was. I told her I needed to close on a condominium first.

I had been taking supplements, juicing, etc., for years after recovering from a flesh-eating disease in 1994. So, I knew I had to intensify my health regiment which I did.


Medical Doctor’s Findings

After the summer retreat I checked into Rush University by going to the ophthalmologist, Dr. G did the initial diagnosis and confirmed that I had a rare cancer of the eye tissue called lymphoma.  He referred me to an oncologist.  I reflected on the dream I had years earlier and remembered that I had been forewarned.

The oncologist Dr. V examined my eye and confirmed that it looked like lymphoma in the tissue of the eye, He recommends a number of tests to confirm it:  biopsy, MRI, CAT SCAN, and blood work, which all confirmed the initial diagnosis.

I then got a second opinion from a doctor at Northwestern University hospital who confirmed the first Doctor’s diagnosis and I began my 8-week treatment the last day in December 2016.  My treatments lasted through mid-February 2017.  Dr. V at Rush recommended I take a number of tests again to confirm the results of the 8-week treatment.  He and I both were pleased to discover the lymphoma cancer cells decreased from. 50% in my bone marrow to less than 1%.

He told me to return in three months and we would do watchful waiting. I returned in June, September, and November to learn that all was well.  I repeated some of the tests in December and the doctor told me in January 2018 that all was well again and I should return in six months.


I took the nutraceuticals (herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins) highlighted at the website as an adjunct therapy before, during, and after my targeted protein 8-week treatment for stage4 lymphoma cancer.  I am now a four-year cancer survivor and at my last checkup, Dr. V said my blood work and other indicators were phenomenal.  He tried to figure out why his lymphoma cancer cells were still decreasing in my body a year after I took the targeted protein treatment. Normally people have to take a maintenance treatment to keep the cancer low. The maintenance treatment would have been for two years once a month beginning April 2019 since it is always a chance that the Lymphoma can return.

For more information about My Top Herbs, click here.