My Lymphoma (Blood Disease) Cancer Journey – By Dr. Lee Warren

In 2016 I faced the challenge of being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, stage 4 (MALT), where 50% of my bone marrow was cancerous.

How This Journey Began

The story began in the spring of 2016 with me having an eye examination to update my eyeglasses.

The optometrist, a Japanese woman, examined my eyes and saw a strange growth in the tissue of my left eyeball. By her body language, I knew it was quite serious. She recommended I see an ophthalmologist. I decided to follow her advice and get it diagnosed after my summer bible metaphysical retreat.

I Received A Warning Dream

Now this story had a strange twist or beginning that prepared me for this challenge. Some years earlier I had a very disturbing dream that warned me of this coming crisis/challenge. The dream begins with an attractive white doctor in an examination room telling me that I had a very rare cancer. She didn’t say where it was. I told her I needed to close on a condominium first.

I had been taking supplements, juicing, etc., for years after recovering from a flesh-eating disease in 1994. So, I knew I had to intensify my health regiment which I did.


Medical Doctor’s Findings

After the summer retreat I checked into Rush University by going to the ophthalmologist, Dr. G did the initial diagnosis and confirmed that I had a rare cancer of the eye tissue called lymphoma.  He referred me to an oncologist.  I reflected on the dream I had years earlier and remembered that I had been forewarned.

The oncologist Dr. V examined my eye and confirmed that it looked like lymphoma in the tissue of the eye, He recommends a number of tests to confirm it:  biopsy, MRI, CAT SCAN, and blood work, which all confirmed the initial diagnosis.

I then got a second opinion from a doctor at Northwestern University hospital who confirmed the first Doctor’s diagnosis and I began my 8-week treatment the last day in December 2016.  My treatments lasted through mid-February 2017.  Dr. V at Rush recommended I take a number of tests again to confirm the results of the 8-week treatment.  He and I both were pleased to discover the lymphoma cancer cells decreased from. 50% in my bone marrow to less than 1%.

He told me to return in three months and we would do watchful waiting. I returned in June, September, and November to learn that all was well.  I repeated some of the tests in December and the doctor told me in January 2018 that all was well again and I should return in six months.


I took the nutraceuticals (herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins) highlighted at the website as an adjunct therapy before, during, and after my targeted protein 8-week treatment for stage4 lymphoma cancer.  I am now a four-year cancer survivor and at my last checkup, Dr. V said my blood work and other indicators were phenomenal.  He tried to figure out why his lymphoma cancer cells were still decreasing in my body a year after I took the targeted protein treatment. Normally people have to take a maintenance treatment to keep the cancer low. The maintenance treatment would have been for two years once a month beginning April 2019 since it is always a chance that the Lymphoma can return.

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