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My name is Penny and my husband is a four-year cancer survivor from stage-four lymphoma.  I was his primary caregiver and eye-witness to his recovery in 2017.

I wanted to share his story and celebrate his success with curcumin, green tea, and other herbs before and after he took the standard eight-week Rituximab treatment which targeted the lymphoma cancer cells. As holistic practitioners with a metaphysical interest, we also like turmeric, curcumin, and other natural herbs since they fit the biblical references of plants being medicine (Eze. 47:12) and leaves are for the healing of the nations Rev 22:1-2).


We have been consuming natural foods for the last 22 years. We juice, eat organic fresh salads with mainly fish and chicken (a few occasional steaks) and take supplements.


With all this going on, you can probably understand our shock to learn in April 2016 that my husband had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer after visiting his optometrist for an annual eye exam.

The optometrist noticed a weird growth in his eye and told him to go to the ophthalmologist. He went to the ophthalmologist who confirmed the growth and said he should see an oncologist. My husband put off seeing the ophthalmologist until he got a second opinion which occurred in mid-December. He began his targeted protein therapy treatment at the end of December 2016. By mid-March 2017 the doctors told him that most of the lymphoma cells were normal and he should do watchful waiting.

When we went to his oncology doctor for his annual follow-up visit in April 2018, she said his tests were phenomenal. 

She was trying to figure out why his lymphoma cancer cells were still decreasing in his body a year after he took the targeted protein treatment. Normally people have to take a take a maintenance treatment to keep the cancer low. The maintenance treatment would have been for two years once a month beginning April 2019 since it is always a chance that the Lymphoma can return. We are sure the many natural herbs and supplements my husband takes to maintain his good health have played a major role in his good health.


Providing information on the anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties of curcumin, green tea, and other powerful herbs is key.

If you ever need support or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. Hi Penny. Thank you for the information. I try to use tumeric in many of my dinner recipes. I am so glad to read that your husband has recieved a good diagnosis. That’s so wonderful.

    1. Dear Kris, Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased to learn that you are incorporating turmeric into your daily routine. I’ll be posting some benefits of turmeric online soon and would love to hear your personal testimony with this powerful herb. I’m also happy that my husband’s health is improving. It’s great to have him back!

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